World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong

Worlds Greatest Cities Mahjong

This is certainly a fast paced casual game that offers fans of mahjong a superb platform on which to hone their skills. World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong offers seven types of mahjong, seven different cities, including London and New York, each with twenty levels, along with one hundred and forty wonderful layouts. It really is a fantastic opportunity to learn about mahjong or for those that are well versed in the subject improve on what you already know.

I did not know very much about mahjong before playing this game and I have to say it has been quite a learning curve. The instructions are pretty easy to follow while not only do you learn about the game but also about the beautiful cities that this game takes you through. The game is so educational and informative something I really did not expect plus each one is different in terms of game play which is unusual in itself.

Matching up the tiles is a lot of fun. You can bring together two tiles that link up to the tile on display, for instance, sun plus rain gives you rainbow. The really great thing about this game is that it isn’t repetitive as there is so much variety and diversity encompassed within it. There are power up tiles, unlimited hints to help you along plus beneficial shuffles all there to assist the newcomer to mahjong, like myself, while matching tiles speedily will earn you extra bonus points.

The further you go in the game the more difficult it becomes plus the time constraint can make things pretty difficult in parts. Each layout takes but a few minutes so you can play this game when you only have half an hour or so free making it a good time filler. When you leave game play you can also return to the spot where you left, when you are ready, to begin again which is a real plus.

Download the game to give it your own perusal, you will not be disappointed. Many games of mahjong have been released in the past but World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong puts another twist on the usual format making it rather unique. Board game fans will really enjoy the great graphics plus the twists and turns you will not get in other games of this type. This is a fabulous tile matching game that all the family can play and enjoy.

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