World of Goo: Gootastic Is What It Is!

World of Goo

World of Goo is a fantastic puzzle game that has great characters, superbly witty writing plus it is entirely original throughout. Created by an independent quorum of very talented people it is extremely addictive, so much so, that I almost missed my stop on the tube while playing. Published by Brighter Minds it is one of the years best releases by far acquiring a huge fan base that I am proud to say I belong.

You wouldn’t think that sticking balls of goo together could be so addictive but I assure you it is. There are four worlds to travel through sticking them together so that other balls can travel up a pipe on every level. You are presented with a target to hit on every stage of the game while reaching said target unlocks the next stage and so on. You will also discover hidden secrets along the way making for an altogether very intriguing game.

There are many different types of goo all with their own particular properties. For instance black or white goo shapes itself into triangular structures, watery goo links chains together, green goo is basic but can be destroyed when done with, while the shape of your structure will affect your success. For instance build a really tall tower in the wind and it will sway around and possibly fall. Balloons are another useful feature as you can attach them to your structures to float them upwards, while the ability to skip a few parts when the going gets tough is another good feature and is very useful.

I was pleasantly surprised to find no time constraints on the game play of World of Goo. It enables the player to take their time while planning your next move. You are given basic instructions then its a matter of trial and error as you play along learning all the time. The puzzles are quite difficult in parts but once you work them out you realise that it was obvious really.

Visually the game is a master piece with wonderful colourful elements running alongside atmospheric dark locations that fit in well with the game. All the level locations differ greatly from one another making each one unique. The effects are brilliant making the game a superb visual experience.

The soundtrack too fits the piece beautifully. Each level has its own appropriate music meaning you will never get bored with the same tinkle tonkle music playing along. World of Goo is one of my favourite games to date. It is filled with puzzles that challenge your mind to a great degree but as the game is so entertaining you will be too busy enjoying yourself to realise. If you haven’t yet discovered the World of Goo you better get playing before you come unstuck!

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