Where’s My Water?

wheres my water

Disney’s new IOS physics puzzler Where’s My Water is a great little game that is full of personality while it oozes charm from beginning to end. The star of this endearing game is Swampy the Alligator who lives in the sewers beneath the ground. Children and adults alike will warm to this mythical character who is brought to life in a way that only Disney can do. We all know what it is like when the water is cut off meaning you can’t take a shower, its very annoying. The creators of this cute game have found their own solution while giving us plenty of game play time that is hugely addictive.

Swampy spends his time trying to keep clean by taking a shower regularly but he has one big problem. The water doesn’t flow properly from the pipes that run through the sewer. It is your job to assist him by digging trenches to channel the water down to Swampy in his bath tub. It’s certainly a lot of fun plus it is very funny while you don’t want to let Swampy down after all he is one cute alligator.

Playing Where’s My Water is relatively simple just put your finger tip on the screen and drag a line across or down. You will create a path for the water to flow down as you proceed. As the water flows it passes through rubber ducks that are sited at intervals here and there. You need to collect the ducks as they unlock new levels for you. This game is no push over making for a challenge that is both engrossing and interesting.

The ducks aren’t the only obstacles you come across you have certain problems to solve such as mould that builds up due to the damp plus pools of bleach both of which you need to get rid of so you can progress. You can utilise one obstacle to eliminate another such as using acid that collects in the sewer to blast through the mould that builds, clearing the path so that the water can then run freely. Oh, you also have to watch out for holes where water can escape too, it is a lot of fun.

Where’s My Water is a great game full of challenges and puzzles while being amusing and fun. The graphics are fantastic as you would expect from Disney with wonderful character drawings that are colourful while also cute. The game really does look like a cartoon and that is no criticism it is a compliment. The soundtrack is tremendous with great tunes that really suit the piece. All in all I have no negative comments to make regarding this game. It is totally endearing while fans who love to puzzle solve will certainly enjoy it.

Where’s My Water is available at Disney.Go.Com