Sprinkle: Lets Put The Fire Out!


Fire Fire! Yes this brilliant game is a fire themed story where cute little alien creatures are battling to put them out, with your help of course, as they rain down from the sky threatening their homes plus their very existence. Using your trusty hose you will endeavour to put the fires out before they have the chance to ignite further causing no end of panic and destruction.

Sprinkle may look really cute and endearing but the game certainly is not a push over as you try to aim your fire hose accurately from awkward angles up your ladder. Not only that but there will be a multitude of objects in your way that you have to get rid of by aiming your hose to blast them into oblivion. You have three worlds to play through, the first two being relatively straight forward while the final world was extremely challenging. You actually required perfection in the first two worlds to unlock the third. This situation has been rectified by the maker due to player protest, resulting in a much better game experience that is a lot more fun.

The main aim of the game is to get the water to flow down the shortest pathway so you put your fire out quickly – you can argue that it takes much of it’s inspiration from Disney’s Where’s My Water – another water physics game. Some of the puzzles are very easy to work out while others are harder but this just adds to the challenge. Further levels are unlocked if you perform well. Performance score is based on just how much water you need to use to put the fires out. The more you use the worse your score, while unlocking further puzzles requires the player to conserve as much water as possible.

Basically my advice is do not just rush through the levels pointing your hose all over the place using tons of water. You may finish the level but because you did not take care to preserve as much water as you could you will not then unlock more levels. It is tempting to blast away with your hose but in the end it wont really get you far.

Sprinkle in terms of graphics is a visual treat. The colours are beautiful while the special water effects are mind blowing. The water moves and sprays so realistically that you can almost hear the whoosh as it flows. Audio wise the water sounds are fabulous along with the fire sound effects that sound all too real. The characterisation of the little alien creatures is very cute and endearing. I almost wish I could pluck one from the screen and take him home to save him from his fiery doom.

Sprinkle is thoroughly entertaining from beginning to end. It lives up to many of the great titles such as the popular Angry Birds series, in terms of fun and amusement, while control wise it is superb. Fans of this type of game will simply fall in love with the story plus its cute characters, making it a game you will not want to put down. I award Sprinkle a water gushing 9/10.

Sprinkle is available on Android and iPhone/iPad