Operate Now: Heart Surgery – Learn to perform a heart transplant!

heart surgery

It must be quite a difficult feat to accomplish to produce a surgery-based flash game that is fun to play and at the same time loyal enough to the actual details of the procedures that it claims to simulate. Surgery isn’t exactly like flying or driving games where a relatively large number of people have had experience with one or the other; surgical procedures are complex, intricate, and require many years of training before they can be known and performed to any degree of competency. Based on the profession’s relatively exclusive and closed-off nature, it is an impressive accomplishment in itself that surgery games like those of the Operate Now! series exist in the first place, and it is Operate Now! Heart Surgery that is the most popular and the most entertaining game of the series.

The gameplay in Operate Now! Heart Surgery is pretty much as you would expect from a procedure-specific operating game in that you simply follow the instructions which guide you through each stage of a cardiac procedure. Everything is controlled through using the mouse, which lets you perform tasks like selecting tools on the screen from the inventory at the bottom and generally interacting with the different parts of the anaesthetised patient. The procedure involves cutting, extracting, and generally using each of the tools by clicking on the indicated/highlighted areas on the patient in order to perform different actions like opening up the skin of the chest, removing ribs, and even hooking up what is referred to as a “blood pumping” machine (which is more accurately referred to as a cardipulmonary bypass machine).

Selecting the wrong tools or cutting in the wrong place will cause harm to the patient and make his heart rate dip, and you also have a limited amount of time in which to perform the operation before the clock runs out. For example, selecting the scalpel when you really need the tweezers will have a detrimental effect on the patient, though the game doesn’t even allow you to make the mistake of using tools outside of the indicated areas. Getting the patient to stay alive isn’t remarkably difficult though, mainly due to the step-by-step instructions you receive during the game.

One area where Spil Games hasn’t really done the game justice is in the graphics department. Though the graphics aren’t bad as such, they bear the standard look of your typical flash game, with no truly distinguishing factors whatsoever. The gameplay, which is more detailed and procedure-oriented than some hospital games like Hospital Fun, is still moderately entertaining however, and allows you to involve yourself in a cardiac procedure from beginning to end. Play this heart surgery game and find out for yourself what it feels like to require the steady hand and calm nerve of a cardiac surgeon.