Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach

mind quiz your brain coach

Another brain training game from Sega, Ubisoft, Mind Quiz Your Brain Coach involves the player in sixteen different exercises for certain areas of the brain, to improve performance in brain stress management plus improve your brain age. It is another game that is hoping to emulate the success of Brain Age, Nintendo’s spectacular release for the DS platform.

Your guide through the game is a small white figure who has a rainbow instead of a brain plus his dog. It hardly compares to the commentary of Professor Kawashima in Brain Age and looks really silly in my opinion. The white figure serves no great purpose at all while the dog does have its use as he becomes part of some of the mini games where you have to try to save him from being killed or running off. It is a quirky diversion I suppose.

The mainstay of Mind Quiz is the mind quiz proper that is divided into two categories, brain age test and brain stress degree test. Items appear on the screen while you have to tap them in the correct order to succeed. Some of the tests use numbers, some letters plus numbers. Your score is kept automatically so that you can see if you are improving or not. There doesn’t seem to be much explanation as to how they reach your score you just have to take their word for it.

The training section is quite good incorporating a few different features. There is a voice recognition test, a test where you have to tap dogs as they pass across your screen, puzzles and various mini games. These training tests are not very challenging but I found them quite amusing to play while its also good practice.

Completing tasks will unlock new challenges that are more of the same really plus I would go as far as to say you will take weeks on end to get through it all. Now if this was a really great game you would be thinking WOW! But unfortunately it pales into insignificance compared to Brain Age.

Mind Quiz Your Brain Coach has not been without controversy either. Following its release it was withdrawn in the UK for a time due to a word being used that was thought to be offensive to UK players. It is difficult to be too judgemental on this score as different words mean different things in different countries, while I am sure no offence was intended. Summing up, visually the game is good, the music is quirky but the real meat and potatoes are not there for me resulting in a score of 6/10.

Mind Quiz is available from Foxy