Looney Tunes Phonics Review

looney tunes phonics

My 30 month old daughter really enjoys doing learning games on her PC.  She is great at most of them, although, she loses interest in them very quickly these days.  I guess she is like most children her age – has a short attention span.   Anyway, I got very excited when I found out about Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics – my friend told me about it – she tried a free lesson online with her autistic son and bought the programme immediately afterwards because he liked it so much.   After hearing this, I became curious and I wanted to discover more, so I sampled a free lesson with my daughter.  The main reason for doing this is because I wanted my precious Lilly to trial out something a bit different to the normal activities she had already been doing.

Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics is an online reading programme designed for kids aged between 3 to 10 years.  There are 100 lessons in total that are all completed online.  So that your child actively gets involved and maintains his/her attention, the programme shows clips from the Looney Tunes cartoon between every section.   Each lesson includes four separate zones to assist your child’s learning.

·         Zone 1: The Letter Sound Zone: Learn Phonics Letter Sounds

·         Zone 2: The Listening Zone: Learn Phonics Word Blending

·         Zone 3: The Reading Zone: Learn Word and Sentence Reading Skills

·         Zone 4: The Speed Zone: Practice Phonics Skills Learned

Account Set Up

This part was incredibly simple, fast and we were able to customise the programme to suit Lilly.  You can select a Looney Tunes character and the level you want to begin the lesson at.  I started my daughter at the very beginning – level 1 because she is still young and I just wanted to find out how she got along – high scores or levels weren’t my priority at the time.   After that, I was allowed to choose how long I wanted every zone to last, the amount of praise and inspiration, plus cartoon time and so on.  You can customise every lesson so that it lasts between 25 to 50 minutes.

professor wiz bot

The lesson "Tutor" is a friendly robot, called Professor Wizbot – my daughter loves him and looks forward to seeing him every time – without fail!  In fact she pleads with me to let her see him and rushes to her computer when I say yes.  I like Professor Wizbot too, particularly when he clamps, and jumps and does a summersault when your child answers correctly, which inspires my daughter the most.  He is a bit of a genius and has a magical way about him that gets your child hooked – in a good way of course.  Even when your child doesn’t answer correctly, he still praises them and suggests that they try again, waiting patiently for them all the time.  Professor Wizbot is an adorable and inspirational tutor!

My daughter particularly enjoys the part in the listening section when she has to find the sounds that she hears on the keyboard.  I must say, she’s turning into a little Whiz Kid at both reading and keyboard skills – I’m very proud of her.

Lesson Performance Review

You are shown a progress report after your child completes each lesson.  You can see how well your child performed and if they ought to repeat the lesson another time. I appreciate this because on one occasion I believed that she did O.K.; however, the programme told me that she needed to do repeat the lesson again. She had no problem repeating the lesson and got everything right the second time round. She enjoys her alphabet and letters at the moment; therefore, this is a wonderful learning resource for her. The Looney Tunes cartoon used in the middle of every section makes a huge difference; all the characters certainly motivate your child to learn. I always manage to regain her attention straightaway if she loses her focus now and again.   Recently, I have been surprised that my daughter has started to quickly identify words in the previous reading zone that we have already finished.

I’m looking forward to using Looney Tunes Phonics with my 18 month old son when he is ready.  I would definitely recommend Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics to any parent – it really improves your child’s learning skills!  Plus, It doesn’t cost much to buy the programme and it is worth every penny.

You can trial a free lesson before you buy it if you want.  Click here to find out more about Looney Tunes Phonics.  You can also follow Looney Tunes Phonics on Facebook or Twitter.

Purchase Looney Tunes Phonics

You can only buy the Click N Kids Looney Tunes Phonics programme online via their online store.  They offer 3 different subscriptions: Monthly – for a single user, which costs $9.95, any extra user costs $7.95; 6 months – for a single user costs $49.95, any extra user costs $29.95; Annual – for a single user costs $99.95, an extra user costs $59.95; Lifetime/Family – $249.95 for 3 users.

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