Leap Frog: Talking Words Factory: Building Words Is Fun!

Leap Frog

This cute while endearing DVD release is aimed at children between the ages of three and seven. This learn to read edition is based on the superb Leap Frog toy that has proved to be so popular with young children everywhere. Using basic phonics children will learn to build up their vocabulary in a fun and pleasant way.

The Leap Frog family consists of Tad, Leap and Lily Frog plus Mummy and Daddy Frog too, while the story is based around their exploits in the Talking Words Factory. The predecessor to this DVD was Leap Frog Letter Factory and although it is useful for children to have seen this edition it is still possible to begin learning watching Talking Words with no detriment.

Tad Frog wants to enter his daddy into the Best Dad Competition but must learn how to build words so that he can fill in the application form. All the frogs walk around the factory in order to learn. Firstly children have to learn A, E, I, O, U, or vowels as we adults call them. Its very clever how they make it easy to understand just what a vowel is. They are the glue! Yes the glue that hold letters ,that make the words stick together.

The vowels are made sticky by a special machine while words are built in another. Simple words are built and explained such as dog, with children learning that words have a beginning and an end. Everything is explained not only phonetically but also visually giving an all round view that children will easily remember. Rhyming is another teaching tool to help children build and remember. Such as cat and bat or dog and log.

Children will learn how to pronounce words by learning about vowels, consonants, rhyming and word building. There is also plenty of entertaining singing to keep young children entertained so interested. This is great as I know children can become easily bored when being talked at. This isn’t the case with this endearing video as singing, visual effects along with sounds make for an all round learning experience that little children will love.

I highly recommend this video it is not only educational but it is very entertaining too. Children will learn as they look listen and enjoy being entertained. It is interactive with plenty of fun elements that children will love. Learning about words can be fun as well as entertaining while at thirty five minutes long this video can keep children’s attention, no problem.

One comment I do have is that three year old children that are young for their age may find the words a little difficult but it does no harm to introduce children from an early age to the beauty that is the English language. Leap Frog talking Words Factory is certainly a winner that parents will want to add to their kids collection of DVD’s.

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