Junior Brain Trainer: Maths Edition

Junior Brain Trainer: Maths Edition

Junior Brain Trainer Maths Edition is a welcome addition (pardon the pun) to the educational series of games released to educate children while they play. Children learn best when their attention is captured well. This is a proven fact, while taking in information and facts is best done during play. This great game incorporates all these measures ensuring parents that not only will knowledge plus skill be going into their little heads but that their kids will be having a fun time while doing so.

The game begins by players setting up a profile plus selecting a difficulty level. Once you plump for a certain level you have to stay with it until you have completed the games. You cannot decide mid games that you want to play in a more difficult mode. Although I suppose this could prove annoying if you are breezing through a level with ease but to my mind it doesn’t hurt to get a bit of practice in on the easier settings. You can treat them as a bit of a warm up so to speak.

The story is a simple affair involving mice that have been taken captive on an airship while it is your aim to rescue them by completing the maths problems. Each time you complete a game you are rewarded with part of a plane for the mice to eventually put together bit by bit until their escape plane is complete.

Junior Brain Trainer Maths Edition has fifteen great mini games in all, involved with the mathematical theme aimed at the seven to eleven age group.. The games begin simply with easy maths questions and facts while progressing onto much harder puzzles for your child to solve. For instance equations will appear with the sign missing so your child has to work out which sign should be present. Another puzzle is where the answer is given with other elements missing so the player must work out which number is required.

Some picture puzzles are also used making a nice little diversion such as there will be a cat, a horse and a cow on the screen with three weights. Players have to work out from the heaviest to the lightest in weight. Sounds easy to adults but not so simple if you are a young child. Using the DS is great for this game as players write or draw their answers using the stylus or by touching the screen. The game does call for accuracy though while there is little room for error when using the DS. This is just a slight criticism of what is otherwise a good game.

Junior Brain Trainer Maths Edition will certainly challenge your children’s mathematical prowess beyond simple fun games such learn 2 fly, plus is a good learning curve where children will definitely improve their subtracting, adding, dividing and multiplying skills greatly. It is a good way for children to hone their skills while at the same time having a lot of fun with maths which is something we all like to do, even we parents.

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