Junior Brain Trainer 2

Junior Brain Trainer

Nintendo have had a resounding success when it comes to their brain training games. It is not surprising as they are highly addictive as well as giving your brain a real good work out, or so I believe anyway. It was only a matter of time therefore that a junior version would be released and this edition does not disappoint in terms of great brain challenges in a superb format.

Junior Brain Trainer 2 does not claim to be an educator or indeed to turn children into genius. It is however a very good way to brush up on basics such as spelling or arithmetic. The game is aimed at six to eleven year old children giving them the opportunity to practice basic skills at home. As every parent will agree this is not a negative thing so can only be viewed from a positive perspective.

The general advice given by the makers is to play once every day for a month. Each day has a set of five different objectives, while completing them sees you awarded with a prize. It isn’t money or anything like that its more like a bonus as you get to play hangman, unlock new games or some other similar thing. Tasks include sorting pictures into appropriate matching sets, reading sentences putting them into past present or future tense order plus all the tasks are really enjoyable so never boring or tedious.

The game proper can only be played once a day. I don’t know whether this is due to the score tracking system or the fact that the game needs to chart your progress on a daily basis to assess improvement. All the other mini games and unlocked prizes can be played as many times as you wish in one day so it isn’t just a case of doing your chores so to speak and then waiting for the same time tomorrow.

As I am not a child I cannot put myself into that mindset perfectly so I asked my daughters opinion regarding the tasks, mini games, prizes and whether or not she enjoyed playing Junior Brain Trainer 2. She gave me very positive feedback. She likes the challenges very much plus loves winning the prizes when she succeeds. I can only think the award feature was a really good idea. Receiving a reward for succeeding is very much a plus as far as my daughter is concerned. Overall she liked playing the game very much.

Junior Brain Trainer 2 really gets the thumbs up. It is a game that is very well produced, is packed with puzzles and tasks plus visually is pleasant to look at. Playing myself I found some of the arithmetic and English tasks easy but then I am an adult not the age of the target player so that is understandable. If you want an educational game that is bags of fun to keep your kids playing while learning then this is the game for you.

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