Hidden Object Crosswords: A Fun Way to Complete The Word Grid!

You get what the title suggests here, a crossword puzzle where the hidden object is found by solving the word clue on the grid, its a simple as that. Sounds like a format that may not challenge you? I beg to differ not only is Hidden Objects Crossword a fun game to play but it does present a challenge that is both thoughtful and interesting.

Hidden Objects Crosswords has eighteen fun stages for you to complete, each one has three levels with a total of fifty four great puzzles. This gives the player plenty to go at plus hours of game play fun that will stretch your mind in quite an educational way. Each level has a fourteen clue crossword puzzle plus a hidden object display. To explain, you click on the crossword for the clue. So for instance if the clue says “it barks” then the answer of course is dog so you must look for the dog in the hidden objects.

The clues aren’t all as simple as the dog one I gave as an example. There are more complicated clues where you fill in the rest of the sentence or solve a puzzle or riddle. This gives the game a bit more diversity making for a more interesting experience overall. Some of the clues a very cryptic and I for one have never been any good at solving cryptic crosswords so this element I found quite difficult. Some of the clues were so cryptic that I would never have guessed them.

You may fair better than me, it depends how obscure your mind set or imagination is. Players such as myself found the handy hint system very useful as it gave you the word eventually when stuck or hinted where the object could be found, while the luminous bugs that float onto the screen with a letter clue also help a lot too. Fans of word games will certainly have fun playing this game.

Summing up Hidden Objects Crosswords is a fun way to pass a few hours. Its an original idea that is new plus interesting and I can’t help thinking that this concept can be improved plus built upon for future editions to make it a real winner. Graphically the game is pleasant with concise instructions that are easy to follow while I have the feeling it wont be the last we will see of this imaginative format.