Cooking Academy 3: Recipe For Success

Cooking Academy 3 Recipe for Success is a superb follow up game to Cooking Academy 2 where you will find the main character back in the academy after winning a million dollars at the Annual World Culinary Workshop Competition. This superb time management game is full of fun plus challenges while your new task is to create a world famous cook book by hiring the assistance of a whole lot of great chefs along with our old friend Henri Fromage (I just love that name) to make your dream come true.

The academy is divided into various sections all of which have their own particular speciality such as creating desserts, main courses and so on. Every recipe has to be done from scratch by preparing ingredients right through to decoration and presentation of the dish. All the mundane tasks are there such as peeling potatoes plus slicing and dicing. You will break eggs into dishes or mix bread dough in the food mixer while you are judged on how well you perform plus how long you take.

There are plenty of recipes to create plus you can only move onto the next section of the academy once you have cooked them all. There are lots of facts and figures for you to digest giving Cooking Academy 3 an educational feel that will prove interesting if like me you are interested in nutrition and cooking. You will cook croissants, chicken, waffles, Tapioca pudding plus lots more, its a lot of fun.

Once you have created a recipe you are given stars. Do well and you will earn five stars create poorly and you will be awarded much less. If you do under perform the option to replay is always there but I cant see why you would need to do this as this game doesn’t test your accuracy too much, its more about speed, therefore a good score can be achieved even if you have been slightly slap dash in your cooking skills.

There are plenty of challenging mini games to play which is good, while they are not timed so you can take your time when working out the puzzles. There are challenges like sorting out the shelves of your fridge or matching ingredient items some of which are quite difficult giving the game a bit of an edge.

Graphically the game is very pleasant maintaining the colorful characters and ingredients from Cooking Academy 2 plus the usual very clear instructions found in the entire series. Cooking Academy 3 Recipe for Success is certainly a culinary adventure that all fans of this genre will love. There are plenty of exciting recipes to discover plus lots of challenge in terms of the mini games. The soundtrack is very good being well suited to the subject matter of the game, while it plays along in the background as an accompaniment that does not over power or annoy. I would award this game a meaty score of 8/10.

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