World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong

This is certainly a fast paced casual game that offers fans of mahjong a superb platform on which to hone their skills. World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong offers seven types of mahjong, seven different cities, including London and New York, each with twenty levels, along with one hundred and forty wonderful layouts. It really is a fantastic opportunity to learn about mahjong or for those that are well versed in the subject improve on what you already know.

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Learn How to Fly Using Different Upgrades

learn 2 fly

It can very often be the case that sequels do not live up to their originals by attempting to continue something that wasn’t initially good in the first place, or by tampering with the idea too much and ruining what made the original game fun to play in the first place. Neither of these scenarios hold true with Learn to Fly 2, a sequel that provides you with all of the brilliance of the original but betters it quite substantially. Expect more launching, better upgrades, and an even more quirky and humorous storyline in this light-hearted second offering of the Learn to Fly series.

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