Brain Teaser: Chess

Brain Games Chess

Fans of the game of chess or even people who would like to learn how to play the game will find Brain Games Chess a superb format as an introduction to chess, as well as a method of learning how to play this intuitive game. Beginners or experts will enjoy the array of challenges that this 3D game sets, while gaining knowledge in the world of chess plus honing their skills.

If you have never played chess you will find this is an excellent way to learn as it starts from the basics, working your way up to becoming a fully fledged player. A selection of difficulty settings enables you to start off simply then work your way up at your own speed. When using the lower difficulty settings you can cancel your move to try again if you go wrong, which is really useful as we all learn from our mistakes as we progress.

The great hint system is a God send as it pushes you in the right direction in terms of which piece to move, where to move it to plus if you face capture when you make your move. This makes learning how to play chess much easier. The chess board itself can have different styles making it visually more interesting. You can choose from your usual look right through to a human look, its great fun.

Players can also challenge the computer to games. Some are easy, some a lot more difficult. The Pea Brain setting as you would expect is the easiest while the Mastermind setting is the hardest with a selection in between the two adding diversity. Want to watch a chess game being played? then select the match option. These are matches that were played by professionals. The pieces move in the order that they did in the actual match when it was originally played. A superb on screen menu lists the moves for you too.

Another fun feature is that you can set up a game in any format you like. For instance if you want to play a game with all kings on the board you can do so. The possibilities in this regard are endless meaning that there is not much chance of boredom setting in. Some players don’t want a serious contest, just a little fun. This game certainly accommodates both.

Visually the game is excellent. The chess pieces are really defined in whatever shape or form you choose to play them in. The sound effects are also really good. As you place your chess piece the clunk sound is very authentic making for a very realistic experience. The excellent tutorials are really in depth so even the newest player will understand what to do plus where to go in the game. It worked for me so I know it will work for most players too. The game will introduce the world of chess to all age groups admirably, making what is sometimes viewed as a game for intelligent geeks into a game for all comers.

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