Brain Boost: Beta Wave

Brain Boost: Beta Wave

Brain Boost Beta Wave is one of many brain training games that have been released hot on the heels of the successful Nintendo Brain Age games. Does this game live up to the challenge I ask myself. Well its a good game with some good brain teasers but unfortunately for me is not in the same league as the aforementioned. That said looking at it from a positive perspective it is worth a play.

Brain Boost has five games for you to attempt while there are two modes of play, Training Mode or Challenge Mode. There are four difficulty levels to select giving quite a choice in terms of how hard or easy you feel you want to play along. In Training Mode you can select any one of the five available games and play them selecting any difficulty mode you like. There are around twenty fairly easy puzzles to solve in the first game while your score depends on how many you solve correctly.

Challenge Mode incorporates a story into it regarding a robots thinking cap or should I say the lack of it. This along with more of the same games that you play in between at a higher difficulty level, is basically it. So I would use the word challenge loosely here.

Its all played against the clock so you have to make your selection quickly so you can move onto the next puzzle or question. The challenges in Brain Boost are very different to those of Brain Age in that they test your concentration more than anything else. You will spend your time trying to match objects up or count bubbles that float around sometimes overlapping each other making it difficult to keep track.

The story to Brain Boost has a few interesting characters but on the whole the brain challenges needed to be be much better. You can keep a score of how you are doing but other than that in terms of stats there isn’t much else. Majesco the creators have not lived up to the challenge at all. With only five games to play you won’t be playing Brain Boost for days but maybe a couple of hours tops.

Its a real pity that Majesco didn’t jump on the band wagon properly to produce a brain training game that was filled with interesting challenges to keep you addicted for hours. It will amuse for a certain amount of time but I wouldn’t call it a must buy, more of a bye bye.