Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!

There are plenty of reviews regarding this educational brain teasing game. On reading most, opinions seem to have been formed from observers of the game rather than people like myself who actually took up the challenge and played it. Brain Age is a really great mental teaser game that becomes very addictive as you try to improve your score from every angle so making your brain age younger. Does it work? Well yes it does and I am living proof.

Whether using the game for a little amusement or as a tool to improve your brain power you will have a lot of fun playing. I kept a record of my progress on available charts and graphs so could refer back to see just how far I had come in terms of improvement. As Brain Age is created for the Nintendo DS it certainly makes it very easy for the player to carry the game around so that you can play at lunch break or on the train. Yes I did do this, like I said it is incredibly addictive. Professor Kawashima the Japanese brain expert who had a hand in the games creation along with Nintendo would be proud of me.

The game begins by you entering your details including your age so that the game can work out where in the scheme of things your brain age should be. You then complete some fairly straight forward tests like saying the word not the colour. For instance the word green will appear coloured in red so you have to say green. Its interesting how often you want to say the colour you see not the word. Some simple maths plus memory tasks calculates where you are in terms of brain age.

There is an interesting intro from Professor Kawashima explaining how your brain works plus other facts that are very informative. As you are charged with your tasks you use a stylus to draw, scribble or tick answers as quickly and accurately as possible. A record is then kept plus every day you play you can have your brain age assessed by the professor. As you play on further you will then engage in tests that require you to speak into the DS. I wasn’t able to do this on the train as the background noise was too loud so a quiet area is required when you reach this stage.

Along with the game you also get one hundred Soduko puzzles which is a bonus for some. I cant say that I am into Soduko although it is supposed to be good for exercising certain areas of the brain. I am more than happy with my progress over the weeks as I began with a brain age of seventy! I now have a brain age of thirty! This is great. I am really pleased. Not only do you get an educational game that is fun you also get that feeling of great accomplishment as your brain age decreases in front of your eyes. All I need now is a game to get rid of the wrinkles and I’ve cracked it!