Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day

Brain Age 2 More Brain Training in Minutes a Day!

If you played the very addictive Brain Age Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day and enjoyed it then you will certainly like this follow up edition that is more of the same but with added extras to please fans. The new games in Brain Age 2 (there are seventeen of them)are much more advanced in terms of their content and difficulty having elements that make you use your memory while at the same time solving mathematical problems.

Once again you are talked through the games by their creator Professor Kawashima the eminent neuroscientist. There are four sections in the menu of options. Quick Play lets you go through a practice section so you can see just what the game entails. The Daily Training section encourages you to store your details so that you can keep track of everything plus you get to play all of the games.

Sudoko is here again with over one hundred puzzles. It is an added extra if you like Sudoku, myself I am not a fan so gave it a miss but friends who are really hooked think I am mad not liking the puzzles. Its horses for courses and this horse knows his own mind. The multiplayer option is here again too with the chance to play with up to sixteen players while using only one copy of Brain Age 2.

Some of the new games involve listening to dialogue then sorting it out into order, while another sees you totting up numbers, then one number is taken away making you have to remember which one it was. Its quite a challenge but a lot of fun plus I always get that great feeling of accomplishment when I succeed. As with the previous game your score is kept so that you can chart how well you are doing. Its really good watching your score lower.

Using Brain Age 2 really does make you feel that you have given your brain a work out. After all we look after our physical well being why not our mental fitness too. You can play it anywhere as it is available on the DS making it convenient to fit your brain exercises into your working day. I spend most of my time in the Daily Training section trying to lower my brain age while enjoying the diversity of games and teasers that are available this time around.

Visually Brain Age 2 is very good. Even though the DS screen is small and I need glasses for close work it is more than adequate with all the puzzles and tasks being easily readable and defined. The soundtrack is good with great sound effects while the speaking into the machine games are there again. You must ensure you are in a quiet place when playing the speaking games as not only do folk look at you funny the DS cant hear what you are saying if there is loud music or too much chatter in the background.

I love Brain Age 2 it has all the hallmarks of the first game but with many added extras. It is a lot of fun, is educational plus easily accessible in terms of where you can play the game. It certainly taps into the part of me that wants to stay mentally alert as I get older and even if it doesn’t do any good it definitely wont do any harm as I had a ball playing it.