Barney Learning Pack: 6 DVD Set

Barney Learning Pack

Barney the purple dinosaur is a loveable children’s favourite that never fails to please. As a mum I like my children to enjoy watching their cartoons or kids programmes while also learning something useful in the process. The great thing about this superb Barney Learning Pack is that children will learn while at the same time have a lot of fun while being entertained.

This fantastic six pack that is aimed at pre school children has a great selection of educational viewing fun at the press of a button. Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment have a real winner on their hands with this excellent pack of musical fun games that will amuse plus educate children without them realising.

Characters featured include Barney himself along with BJ, Baby Bop and a whole host of characters from the popular series. The learning elements of this educational pack include colour recognition, counting, saying the alphabet plus cute nursery rhymes that kids will love. Each of the DVD’s has a separate title, these are,

1. Its Time For Counting, Number search your way to the library, (fifty minutes.)
2. Numbers! Numbers! Barney looks for missing numbers, (thirty five minutes.)
3. Now I Know My ABCs, learn the alphabet. B is for Barney and so on,(forty minutes)
4. Rhyme Time Rhythm, Nursery rhymes featuring Mother Goose,(fifty seven minutes.)
5. Lets Play School! A fun day at school with Baby Bop, (fifty minutes.)
6. Red, Yellow and Blue, search for different coloured items, (thirty minutes.)

I enjoyed sitting with the children watching them have fun while they learned plus they were not familiar with the six episodes involved so that was an even bigger plus. These episodes range from 1999 to 2006 which probably explains why. The colourful cartoon characters are very loveable while as Barney is a firm favourite in my household no encouragement was needed in terms of getting them to sit and watch. The friendship theme that is prominent in the TV series is here too encouraging children to be a good friend. Ah! So cute!

Children soon learn to memorise the nursery rhymes and songs on the discs singing along as it plays. Its such a joy to see their little faces light up when they know the answer or they just join in when the answer is given. It just goes to prove that this type of educational DVD based on well loved characters does work in an educational way.

As a mother I would definitely recommend this DVD for toddlers as a learning exercise. It is great to give as a stocking filler at Christmas or maybe as a special treat. All little Barney and Friends fans will get many a happy hours pleasure and learning when watching the Barney Learning Pack.

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