Baby Einstein’s Numbers Nursery

Baby Einstein's Numbers Nursery

There are so many educational DVD’s on the market today it is hard to decide which ones are the best in terms of learning. As parents we like to think that while our children enjoy watching cartoons or kids programmes that somewhere in there will be an element of learning something useful. We can start our children off very early watching these educational DVD’s while I am pleased to say that Baby Einstein’s Numbers Nursery ranks among those that are educational, fun, informative plus very entertaining.

Aimed at twelve months upwards this excellent DVD teaches the very young about numbers albeit one to five, plus colours, while the whole process is incorporated in with super music and a host of familiar toys, making it perfect for the tiniest of tots. The presentation is nice and simple, as you would expect for this age group. Everything is based on repetition such as a number will be shown, maybe a four, then there will be four articles to count, they will hear how to say four completing the learning process.

Baby Einstein’s Numbers Nursery can be played in a variety of languages too. I like this feature very much. Numbers from one to ten can be learned in up to ten different languages. Many would think there is no point in such small children hearing basic numbers in French or Spanish when they have barely learned the command of the English language but I disagree. My older child watches The Lingo Show on the Cbeebies channel. This programme introduces basic words in a variety of languages such as “bonjour” which is of course hello in French. My son can say hello in four languages, at the age of three I think this is really great, making my case for early learning, I think.

As your child grows and progresses slightly harder exercises can be learnt, these include, counting activities plus a how many? Feature that gives your child a good grounding in those subjects as they approach nursery age. Now one thing I must mention is that Baby Einstein’s Numbers Nursery will not turn your baby into a genius any time soon. This is a fact that most parents will acknowledge. The DVD is aiming to entertain while the child learns basic numbers in a fun and entertaining format, no more, no less.

Visually Baby Einstein’s Numbers Nursery is a real treat. It is very colourful and eye catching so to keep the eyes of the young on the screen. The audio is clear and concise with pleasant music well suited to the piece. There are many Baby Einstein products on the market as there are many educational DVD’s. Baby Einstein’s Numbers Nursery in my opinion can compete more than adequately in terms of a visual pleasure plus a basic learning tool for the very young.