Looney Tunes Phonics Review


looney tunes phonics

My 30 month old daughter really enjoys doing learning games on her PC.  She is great at most of them, although, she loses interest in them very quickly these days.  I guess she is like most children her age – has a short attention span.   Anyway, I got very excited when I found out about Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics – my friend told me about it – she tried a free lesson online with her autistic son and bought the programme immediately afterwards because he liked it so much.   After hearing this, I became curious and I wanted to discover more, so I sampled a free lesson with my daughter.  The main reason for doing this is because I wanted my precious Lilly to trial out something a bit different to the normal activities she had already been doing.

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Operate Now: Heart Surgery – Learn to perform a heart transplant!


It must be quite a difficult feat to accomplish to produce a surgery-based flash game that is fun to play and at the same time loyal enough to the actual details of the procedures that it claims to simulate. Surgery isn’t exactly like flying or driving games where a relatively large number of people have had experience with one or the other; surgical procedures are complex, intricate, and require many years of training before they can be known and performed to any degree of competency. Based on the profession’s relatively exclusive and closed-off nature, it is an impressive accomplishment in itself that surgery games like those of the Operate Now! series exist in the first place, and it is Operate Now! Heart Surgery that is the most popular and the most entertaining game of the series.

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Learn How to Fly Using Different Upgrades

learn 2 fly

It can very often be the case that sequels do not live up to their originals by attempting to continue something that wasn’t initially good in the first place, or by tampering with the idea too much and ruining what made the original game fun to play in the first place. Neither of these scenarios hold true with Learn to Fly 2, a sequel that provides you with all of the brilliance of the original but betters it quite substantially. Expect more launching, better upgrades, and an even more quirky and humorous storyline in this light-hearted second offering of the Learn to Fly series.

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Baby Einstein’s Numbers Nursery

There are so many educational DVD’s on the market today it is hard to decide which ones are the best in terms of learning. As parents we like to think that while our children enjoy watching cartoons or kids programmes that somewhere in there will be an element of learning something useful. We can start our children off very early watching these educational DVD’s while I am pleased to say that Baby Einstein’s Numbers Nursery ranks among those that are educational, fun, informative plus very entertaining.

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Barney Learning Pack: 6 DVD Set

Barney the purple dinosaur is a loveable children’s favourite that never fails to please. As a mum I like my children to enjoy watching their cartoons or kids programmes while also learning something useful in the process. The great thing about this superb Barney Learning Pack is that children will learn while at the same time have a lot of fun while being entertained.

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Junior Brain Trainer: Maths Edition

Junior Brain Trainer Maths Edition is a welcome addition (pardon the pun) to the educational series of games released to educate children while they play. Children learn best when their attention is captured well. This is a proven fact, while taking in information and facts is best done during play. This great game incorporates all these measures ensuring parents that not only will knowledge plus skill be going into their little heads but that their kids will be having a fun time while doing so.

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Brain Teaser: Chess

Fans of the game of chess or even people who would like to learn how to play the game will find Brain Games Chess a superb format as an introduction to chess, as well as a method of learning how to play this intuitive game. Beginners or experts will enjoy the array of challenges that this 3D game sets, while gaining knowledge in the world of chess plus honing their skills.

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Where’s My Water?

Disney’s new IOS physics puzzler Where’s My Water is a great little game that is full of personality while it oozes charm from beginning to end. The star of this endearing game is Swampy the Alligator who lives in the sewers beneath the ground. Children and adults alike will warm to this mythical character who is brought to life in a way that only Disney can do. We all know what it is like when the water is cut off meaning you can’t take a shower, its very annoying. The creators of this cute game have found their own solution while giving us plenty of game play time that is hugely addictive.

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Looney Tunes Schools

Communicative Phonics Lessons
Thorough Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 3 Syllabus
Kids Truly Love This Kind of Fun Study Ambience

Looney Tunes Phonics Reading Programme

Professor J Ron Nelson, developed The Looney Tunes ClickN READ curriculum; he is a well-known professor in primary education research. The programme can be worked on in your own home, or at school, plus it merges the highly regarded ClickN READ Phonics, which has an outstanding research base. It contains the well thought of cartoon characters in every corner of the world: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz, Tweety, plus many others. All the characters support children to gain excellent reading talents in the best way possible. The crazy Looney Tunes crew engrosses kids, plus they really like seeing their Professor, Mr Wizbot. He’s their on-screen teacher and teaches them phonics –a critical reading skill – just with a single click each time.
Click here Syllabus Outline to view more.

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World of Goo: Gootastic Is What It Is!

World of Goo is a fantastic puzzle game that has great characters, superbly witty writing plus it is entirely original throughout. Created by an independent quorum of very talented people it is extremely addictive, so much so, that I almost missed my stop on the tube while playing. Published by Brighter Minds it is one of the years best releases by far acquiring a huge fan base that I am proud to say I belong.

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Sprinkle: Lets Put The Fire Out!

Fire Fire! Yes this brilliant game is a fire themed story where cute little alien creatures are battling to put them out, with your help of course, as they rain down from the sky threatening their homes plus their very existence. Using your trusty hose you will endeavour to put the fires out before they have the chance to ignite further causing no end of panic and destruction.

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World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong

This is certainly a fast paced casual game that offers fans of mahjong a superb platform on which to hone their skills. World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong offers seven types of mahjong, seven different cities, including London and New York, each with twenty levels, along with one hundred and forty wonderful layouts. It really is a fantastic opportunity to learn about mahjong or for those that are well versed in the subject improve on what you already know.

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Cooking Academy 3: Recipe For Success

Cooking Academy 3 Recipe for Success is a superb follow up game to Cooking Academy 2 where you will find the main character back in the academy after winning a million dollars at the Annual World Culinary Workshop Competition. This superb time management game is full of fun plus challenges while your new task is to create a world famous cook book by hiring the assistance of a whole lot of great chefs along with our old friend Henri Fromage (I just love that name) to make your dream come true.

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Merriam Webster’s Spell-Jam

Merriam Webster’s Spell-Jam from Tikki games is a superb way for teenagers to brush up on their spelling, while competing plus having lots of fun. The idea surrounding this great spelling game is to set it within a game show with plenty of fun atmosphere, lively music and lots of great characters making the whole learning to spell concept take on a new dimension that youngsters will never be bored of, or find tedious in any way.

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Leap Frog: Talking Words Factory: Building Words Is Fun!

This cute while endearing DVD release is aimed at children between the ages of three and seven. This learn to read edition is based on the superb Leap Frog toy that has proved to be so popular with young children everywhere. Using basic phonics children will learn to build up their vocabulary in a fun and pleasant way.

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Junior Brain Trainer 2

Nintendo have had a resounding success when it comes to their brain training games. It is not surprising as they are highly addictive as well as giving your brain a real good work out, or so I believe anyway. It was only a matter of time therefore that a junior version would be released and this edition does not disappoint in terms of great brain challenges in a superb format.

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